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This site is sponsored by the makers of AvoDerm Natural® products. AvoDerm Natural® products are formulated and produced by Breeder's Choice Pet Foods, an industry innovator in new product development since its early days. AvoDerm® premium dog and cat food formulas are loaded with high-quality proteins, wholesome grains, California avocados, antioxidant nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Our aim is to help pet owners make the best decisions for their cat or dog based on good information. We've seen firsthand the benefits of avocados for dogs and cats, and we created this site to cut through the confusion and misinformation about the subject.

Why avocados?

Avocados contain many of the nutrients essential to your pet's overall good health. And even better, they provide all this amazing nutrition in a whole food form, instead of a lot of chemicals.

We use the fruit of the California avocado from carefully screened producers to ensure that only the best-quality ingredients go into all of our cat and dog foods.

For over 30 years, since we first introduced this brand, people have been feeding their dogs and cats AvoDerm® pet food and seeing the healthy difference and benefits of avocado.

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Our customers rave about AvoDerm® dog and cat foods and have seen improvements in their pets' health, energy, skin and coat:

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